The Secret Scent

The smell should be alluring, energizing, so positive, so full of life; what that smell could be! the perfumer gasped at the thought of it! Countless number of scent notes are around him. But nothing seemed to satisfy him with what he was trying to make. He dozed off on the heaps of perfumery books he was reading the last night and he wakes up when the soft early morning sunrays made its way through the streak of gap between the transparent white curtains.  

Again, the thought of writing a fresh perfume note made him go insane, he started throwing down all the big perfumery books from his table and with a big sigh he shut down his laptop. And he went out of his house in a flash. As it was early in the morning, it was so chilly outside, even though the sun was already up. As he locked the door, the auto light switched on and off.  

As he came outside of his house in a moment of angst, he forgot his neck warmer and he was with his hoody night shirt and flip-flops. Since, he already started walking, he doesn’t realize the coldness in the air. He was walking along the beach, enjoying the beautiful sheen of sunrays on the surface of the blue water, the view was so strikingly beautiful! His toes tapped against the beach sand as he heard the sound of the waves hitting shore. He sat on the beach sand and started gazing at the waves, one could see that it was freaking cold just by looking at his purply turned lips. He did not mind the coldness outside because his heart was so absorbed watching the sun’s glaze on the water. He lay down on the freezing beach sand, he touched the sand with his bare palms, it was grainy and free flowing, he just closed his eyes lying there on the beach sand. He saw a handsome tall little boy talking to his friend, telling him the brand name of a shampoo just by smelling it, the smell came from the girl sitting in the front desk of their class room.  And this little guy is crossing over his neighbourhood and he could guess, which smell is which; like the smell of paint, the smell of nail polish, smell of a particular dish, smell of familiar things he could tell immediately to everyone’s surprise who were present around him.  

Photo by Keefe Tay on Pexels.com

Most of the people mocked him for whiffing at everything he could get at and asked him to stop doing it. But he doesn’t mind others, he has this habit of writing down everything that he likes to do. So, it’s one of them, one day it was heavily raining outside and this little guy was sitting at his room’s window sill and takes out his cute notebook journal and writes; as he smells the rain “ it’s a smell that starts from the tiny rain drops which comes from the watery white clouds and touch the sand grains and the smell is intoxicating enough to wake up the sleeping leaves in the tree, hanging flowers to bloom, it is stranger than the coffee aroma which arise from my hot cup of coffee, which makes my eyes close and forgets myself and make me open up the hands in the air as if am going to hug something , which I actually hug is this plunging aroma of colourless transparent raindrops mixing with the brown soil, which is breath-taking!” 

This little boy grew up and decides to pursue perfumery. As he knows he’s very fond of smell and he know he’s a connoisseur of smell. He entered a very reputable institution to study perfumery. After some months of joining University, there was a competition going on the topic “UNIQUE SCENT”. 

Every student in his class started doing the experiments by twisting up on already existing scent notes. But he, was so cool, calm and composed, not even showing a little antsy feeling on his face. His friends started asking him has he already finished the scent note for the competition? For that he simply nodded his head and moved on… 

He was with his girlfriend at the University campus opposite coffee shop. His girlfriend with a worried expression on her face asks him “have you come with the scent note yet!” He said “No”. She replied “the competition is tomorrow, what you gonna do?” He asked in return “Have you come up with one?” She said “yes”. He asked “Is it your own scent notes?” She said “not completely but it is kind of…” 

He said a scent is something which makes me feel special, if I think about a scent, I feel calm and serene, so I cannot twist and copy some already existing scent notes and come up with my own. “Then write your own notes!” She exclaimed! I cannot force it; it will automatically come if I feel it. So, leave this matter at this, he said and was going to have his first sip of coffee, and closed his eyes and enjoyed it completely without uttering a single word. 

Few days later, the competition results came, in the college notification board the competition results list read “the winner of the scent name is soothing scent” but the winner name was not there. All the scent in the competition were in the display for the students to smell; each and every scent flask has a name written on it except for one scent flask. Everyone was so curious about the scent of the winning title, everyone started smelling all ‘the scents’ that were in the display, we could see a lot of different reactions on each one of them, when they got to smell this scent bottle without a scent tag on it! One-person said  it’s an unique yet kind of earthy smell , other one said it’s enchanting woodsy smell , another girl said it’s sweet and charming smell, next one said it have a musty and pungent smell to it, and one another guy said it’s a graceful citrus smell; then everyone became so curious who is the writer of this scent note? But this guy doesn’t want to reveal it’s him, because… So, at last no one could come up with a name for that scent so it become a “soothing mysterious scent”. 

Suddenly this guy on the beach sand; opens his eyes slowly and his face was overwhelming with happiness, passion and calmness. Now he realized why he cannot become that person, that person who enjoyed only making scents, he does not even want his identity to get revealed. Where is this beautiful passion went, after all I become a scent maker because scent is a part of me, not my job, then why the heck am I turning through books to write a scent note, it’s in me, he gasped at the long thought of it! 

He started creating that scent note and kept it ready on his scent making table, his girlfriend  came to his house without his notice since his door was open, she knew that he’s again going mad to write a new scent for his company, but to her own surprise he was calmly coming out of the shower, the moment he saw her, he came running and gave her a tight hug, and made a big sigh. The sigh and the calmness in his breath told her all the things, that the scent lover is back, the person who just love the scent, not the rules and the expectations of the world.  

She tried the scent from the bottle on his table, she couldn’t open her eyes by the enticing smell of it. She asked without opening her eyes what is the name of this scent. He smilingly replied, it’s after all a ‘secret scent’ because it differs depends upon the person who smells it. 


A fantasy love story of a mermaid and a guy! The Legend Of The Blue Sea


The Legend of the blue sea as the title says the drama starts like a fairy tale, in the Joseon era. A mermaid and the head of the town meets and falls in love. After a while, the drama brings us to the present day where we meet our hero in Spain who is a Con Artist played by Lee Min-ho, he meets a girl in his hotel room without knowing that she is a mermaid, he allows her to stay with him, since he is after an invaluable jade bangle she wears in her hand. But they part ways soon due to circumstances, the mermaid has a special ability of erasing human memory, so she ends up erasing all the memories of him meeting her in Spain. 

Image credits: Soompi

Their relationship starts in a loot, ends up by both of them realizing they are lifelong partners from births. The story line is really thrilling with elements such us their previous birth love life, and how it continues even in their present birth. They also realize how both of them are reincarnations of their past life, and they meet so many characters around them, who are also reincarnations of their previous self! Isn’t that fascinating?

When she tries to imitate a signal light . Credits: TWINKLEBEE 13

 The drama is not only filled with mystery elements but with tons of real-life everyday humour. Most of the comic scenes are through our heroine, since she lived her entire life underwater as a mermaid, she does not know any simple things that happens in the outside world. The way she eats her food in a messy manner, her curious questions like “where are the people inside the T.V go; once the show ends?” (LOL), her mind is filled with tons of curious questions and that evokes natural laughter in us. 

Talking about the theme of the drama is a soulmate love story, the writer took a simple fairy-tale of ‘The Mermaid’ story and blends it with her artistic imaginations; of past life –present day reincarnations, lifelong lovers, human greed over something invaluable, innocence, dreams etc. But one thing is for sure you will not feel bored at all, since the drama carries all the elements like romance, comedy, mystery, fantasy in apt amount. 

Image credits: Soompi

The romance between Ho Joon-jae (lee min ho) and Sim Chung (Jun Ji-hyun) is simply amazing.  Chung is full of innocence, with her curious mind and her pure love for Ho Joon-jae , which makes her swim all the way from Spain to Seoul.  Ho Joon-jae, falls far her innocence and stupidity. The way they find about each other’s feeling is a pure bliss to watch. And it’s really romantic almost all the moments between them, because of the way; they casually handle their relationship in midst of all the hurdles in their way of getting together.

The story line at first will move in a slow phase then it will put you in a whirlwind, revealing lots of truths and turns. So be ready for nail biting moments!  Even though the story has lots of complex elements like past life, reincarnations, a mermaid falling in love with a human being, a simple truth the writer conveys to us is True love cannot be stopped by any factor regardless of who you are, or whatever situations you are in! 

Happy Ending Image credits: Pinterest.

Contradictory to the fairy-tale ‘The Mermaid’, where the mermaid will become bubbles parting ways with the prince. This drama has a happy ending where both the mermaid and the hero adapt to each other’s lifestyle and life a long and happy life with lots of love…. 

Apart from the story, the drama is an eye-candy in itself; starting from the set, the casting, the costumes… Lee Min Ho did justice to the story with his fabulous acting skills with no extra drama, talking of Jun Ji-hyun she is the best; when she brings out the innocent face of a person who doesn’t know what’s happening around her. Both the main leads do a variety of ramp walks with various eye-catching costumes.  

The background music is so melodiously sad… The drama is 20 Episodes long, but you will not have a feeling that it’s twenty episodes long since the story line has lots of twists and turns. 


You will wonder whether your doppelganger lives somewhere in this world? (LOL). You may feel a moment of thrill thinking what if you would meet your previous life soulmate in this present life? Again (LOL)…  Sorry guys, jokes apart!  

This drama will make you believe in the truth that true and pure love can sustain any given hurdles in the way. 

Please share your feelings after finish watching the drama at Viki Rakuten. or at NETFLIX.

Lee Jong Suk’s final gift to his fans before his military enlistment

Hey, Lee Jong Suk fans out there!

You guys know that he’s just out after finishing his military enlistment. So his next project of doing a special appearance in The Witch movie part two would take some time. So until the wait, we can open his last gift before his military enlistment ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book‘, it’s his first romantic comedy-drama in his career opposing to his other heavy subject-oriented dramas.

Drama- Romance Is a Bonus Book. Release date – 26 of Jan 2019. No.of episodes – 16.

PC- Lee Jong Suk’s official Insta page

In this drama, Lee Jong Suk plays as Eun-Ho who is a young and handsome writer and Editor in chief of a publishing company. And the female lead is Lee Na-Young, she returns to acting after a long break she plays as Kang Dani who was once an experienced copywriter but now she is a divorced mother and jobless.

Is it worth a while watching this drama?

It really is for Lee Jong suk’s fans. But for the other audience they can give this drama a try due to it’s refreshing story line. The story line is how a young guy falls in love with a elder woman, it may sound like a noona romance but it’s not; the drama have got more than that, it gives us a insider knowledge of working in the book publishing industry and the perfectly balanced relationship of Kang Dani and Eun-Ho. The refreshing twist lies with Kang Dani being very determined to take her own stand in her life and not being a dependent on the Male lead.

PC- Tvn official

The story starts with Kang Dani taking a step backward just before her marriage and she hides in Eun-Ho’s car, he supports her and promises to take her anywhere she wants to go to, since Kand Dani replies that she have got nowhere to go to, she regains her balance and returns back with Eun-Ho and gets married with her boyfriend. The starting of the drama makes us wonder whether Kang Dani and Eun-Ho have got feeling for each other? They seems pretty close and the obvious question pops up in our mind why Kang Dani is getting married with another guy?

Then the story shifts from Kang Dani’s marriage after some years of time where we meet Eun-Ho as a successful writer, Editor in chief of a publishing house and a lecturer in an University where he is surrounded by many young girls like him proposing to him and saying things like he’s very handsome and he replies back saying that ” he knows he is handsome indeed”(LOL!). We get to see Eun-Ho in a very happy phase in his life opposing to his distressed state when Kang Dani got married in the past. Then we see Kang Dani divorced and her child being in a boarding school. She is distressed, lonely and trying to survive by searching for a job but gets rejected by most of the employers saying she might have lost her touch in her niche after a long career break.

Then Eun-ho meets Kang Dani and they get acquainted in the same publishing house he works in! And soon Eun Ho confesses his feeling for her and the story goes on! The story might seem quite ordinary and cliched but it feels completely different from the other Romantic comedy-dramas. The reason being the screenwriter Jun Hyun – Jung who is very well known for her I Need Romance series. She has written the story with utter balance, with witty dialogues, the perfect romance between them, the pain of getting a new job after a hiatus and the happenings in the book publishing industry.

The main theme revolves around how difficult it is for a woman to get a job after years of career break due to marriage and rearing a child. The phase of Kang Dani searching for a job and gets rejected and where one of the interviewers asks her “ what were you doing for these past ten years doing nothing?” Kang Dani replies “ I was making my home while raising a kid”.They laugh and say that doesn’t count as experience. This scene would make the audience cry because that particular scene is well written enough to make the audience realise the pain of getting a second chance at a job after a long career break even though you have got years of experience in the field. Just heart-wrenching!


The chemistry between Lee Jong-suk and Lee Na young have worked so well. There is no rushing in their relationship, the writer’s skill plays a major role in portraying how a beautifully long time friendship between a young guy and an elder girl turns into a romantic relationship. Where in one scene Kang Dani feels strange and awkward when she gets to know Eun-ho have got feelings for her. She couldn’t believe and asks him from when it all started? he replies ” I don’t know when I started to like you. From spring to summer. From summer to fall. And from fall to winter. Do you know when the season changes? Do you exactly know when the winter ends and the spring begins? I don’t exactly know when my feelings for you started to grow. After this convincing dialogue delivery by Lee Jong-suk, it gives you a feel as if your heart melts away with the Soup’s steam Eun-ho eats in that scene;)

It’s a beautiful scene ‘ Moon Is Beautiful ‘.

A scene where Eun ho asks Kang Dani why she is hesitant to date him, she answers in a beautiful way saying that they have known each other for so long so there will be no fun in dating him! And she adds on Eun-Ho is high maintenance! Then she asks him ” You used to break up with other girls before. So what if you fight with me and break up too! Who will I have to lean on and cry!”. For that, he replies ” First of all I fought and break up with other girls because it’s not you. And see! You are confessing your love for me indirectly by saying you have no one to lean on at tougher times!”. The way Eun ho receives her answer in a beautiful way and the way she expresses her concern for not dating him it feels so natural and extremely romantic.


Apart from the wise dialogues chosen by the screenwriter to make the matured relationship work between Eun-ho and Kang Dani without any awkward moments. Jong-suk and Lee Na young have done their characters so well even though they have a real age gap difference between them. In reality, Lee Na Young is Jong Suk’s long time crush you can see at scenes his cheeks blushing with pink;) In one of the interviews, Jong-suk quotes himself as a ” Successful Fan of Lee Na young”.

The background of the drama is mostly set in Eun ho’s house and the publishing house and some coffee shops nearby by. But you gotta believe me with just this minimal background as the setup they have pulled the story well! Hats off to that effort. This drama is a big treat to book lovers; it showcases how a book goes through multiple steps before it hits the bookshelves; starting from acquiring a manuscript, passing on to the editing stage and then the book cover design and then sales and marketing strategies and how the damaged books end up in recycling bin! The other casting members make it so believable that one can easily feel we are taking a sneak peek inside a publishing house.

Talking of costumes Jong Suk comes in a variety of colourful mix of wardrobe and with his trademark smile as always but with little bit extra charmingness. And Lee Na young’s wardrobe choices seem wise enough to make her look bright and lively.

The Original soundtrack would not attract if you listen to it alone before watching the drama. Overall the OST’s in the drama acts as a good BGM to add on to the effect of the plotline. Mostly all the songs sound so melodious.

Overall the drama is a delightful watch of heartwarming moments and perfect acting. The feeling of reading a book and get comforted by the words in the book that only book lovers would understand; a kind of beautiful tingling sensation when you read a book, that kind of drama it is! So this Drama is not everyone’s cup of coffee. It’s a very personal experience.

The drama ends with this beautiful closing dialogue from Kang Dani towards Eun-Ho “I opened up an old book of mine again it was good when I first read the book but when I read it for the second and third time this book made me underline the sentences over and over again. I find new sentences in this book every day. It’s the book that stayed with me the longest”. On the whole, it’s a heartwarming yet realistic Rom-Com. Watch it on NETFLIX.

Record of Youth – A K drama with a never seen before story line…

PC-Studio Dragon

It’s so delightful to watch Record of youth! Because each and every scene will take you to the real world of k drama! The story line revolves around how a model turns into a successful actor and how his life is also filled with casual things like friends, girlfriend and family. 

This drama is written by Ha Myung Hee , she is the same writer who wrote The temperature of love! my favourite drama of all time! But this drama is not at all like that! This drama gives the audience the never seen before kinda vibes!  Writer Ha Myung-hee said in an interview, “I believe that passion for life and open thinking are important characteristics of youth, not numbers. I started with the thought that I want to summarize these characteristics of youth.” She then pointed out the distinction, saying, “It is not a story of overcoming and winning, not to talk about the hardships of the reality that youth are facing.”

But to me the drama is more about the actors life in k drama industry! If you are a big time k drama lover, you would obviously love to know what are all the things going on in your favourite stars life. This drama is exactly that; you can witness how a perfectly normal guy in the society makes his own way from a famous model into a successful actor in the k drama industry.   

And the story won’t make one feel like it’s a piece of cake to become an actor just because it’s all happening inside a drama! The writer have done justice to the subject line by writing the drama in a realistic way! So guys get ready to take a real sneak peek of an actor’s life in Korea.

Then title of the drama Record of Youth is a genius one since it shows not only the main characters rising stages it also shows how his friends and the girl he dates also struggles in the rising stage of their youth.  Apart from how the youngsters decide for themselves in terms of career the writer have showed the reality of convincing parents to go in the chosen path of their dreams! You can see the struggling line between fighting for one’s dreams and at the same time not distancing oneself from the family.

The drama casts Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam as the main leads. Both of them have done an incredibly awesome job to the given characters. The story line is super exciting, imagine what if you are meeting your long time star crush in real life and get acquainted with him and eventually get to date him! Wouldn’t that be exhilarating to even think of? The drama is exactly filled with full of exhilarating moments for the heroine who is a raising makeup artist and gets to meet her long time star crush in a fashion show and things starts between them!  

The relationship between an actor and a make up artist might seem twisted and not so good if it’s not written right in the script but the screenwriter have done an amazing job writing the story so well and the way they get to know each other feels so organic and without any cringe worthy moments!! Special thanks to director Ahn Gil-ho who can direct even the toughest story line like ‘Memories of the Alhambra‘ in a delightful way, he have done an bang on job with this drama as well.

One can also get to know how tough is an actors life apart from the glam and fame how it’s filled with so many negativity, depressive moments, relationship breakdown, false rumors, harsh rules to maintain an idol like public image and so on… But you know guys the writer  have just touched on the tip of the iceberg of how a star’s life goes in this k drama industry! There is so much more to say and show! Everything negative about the industry is very wisely written without affecting a single factor in a direct way!! 

PC- Studio Dragon


Talking of the other characters in the drama, Byeon Woo Seok have taken the spot for the second lead syndrome, he acts as a fellow raising star and as well as the childhood friend of our main lead Park Bo-Gum. And he also shows his love interest for the female lead. The story line is very interesting, outright it may seem like it’s a triangle love story between the two main leads and this second male lead. But it’s not at all like that! Everything is so explicitly shown yet it’s damn interesting to watch the drama. 

And there are plenty of k drama stars casts as cameo in this drama and steals the screen time for few minutes, starting from Park Seo-joon, Lee Sung-kyung , Lee Hye-ri , Kim Hye-yoon and Seo Hyun-jin.

Talking in terms of technique the drama is shot using the foreshadow technique, which is you will get to see a scene from the future which is not yet happened in the present episode and from the next episode the reason will be revealed why it happened so in the last episode’s scene. It’s really an interesting way of showing things! 

The chemistry between the two main leads are simply awesome, each and everything they do together feels so natural, and there are moments where your heart may skip a beat because the synergy between them feels so real! There were many difference of opinion regarding the climax of the drama.  The climax is not everyone’s cup of coffee. The writer have written the climax for the couple in a realistic way! Every one who expects an explicitly happy ending cannot accept the climax . In the other end, every one who sees the drama with realistic feelings can relate to the ending so well! For me it’s a perfect climax for the couple but if the writer have forced some other cliched ending it would have been looked like a forced one!! 

Enjoy watching Record of Youth in Netflix guys!! And if you really feel like watching the drama even after the ending of the sixteenth episode do wait with your fingers crossed since there is a talk going on for the second season of Record of youth! But you may have to wait another two years since the main lead Park Bo Gum have just gone for his military enlistment 😉 

How you may feel after watching this drama?

This drama gave the happiness of watching a realistic drama with lots of exhilarating moments! Every K drama lover would enjoy each and every scene of this drama!

A Determined Sarang (‘ Sarang’ means LOVE in Korean)

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

There  was a girl in modern Korea. She grew up in the middle of a buzzing metro city, Seoul. She was with her mother, father and a brother who was a year older than her. Her brother called her out “Bong Cha ya ( ‘ya‘ means a way of addressing people) get up from your bed, it’s getting late for your school”. But that scream of her brother doesn’t seem to bother her from her sleep. She rolled around on her bed until her mother cracked open the door, with a Thud Sound!! She shouted at Bong cha  “Can’t you hear your brother’s calling? it’s getting really late for your school Get up”! For that Bong Cha replied “Nae Aumma( ‘Aumma‘ means Okay mom), I will get up”. After that long hassle of waking up,  Bong Cha finally got out of her bed! Then they met her in the breakfast table . She stuffed her face with Egg roll along with some toasted bread & Milk. 

KOREAN EGG ROLL Image :eugenekitchen.com

After the breakfast, her brother Ha Joon said “let’s go to the school”. They started riding the bicycle to their school. Along the way Ha Joon asked her “Why are you making a fuss on every morning to wake up?” she casually replied “it’s just because I do not want to attend my maths period, you know right I don’t like maths! Freaking numbers!!”. Ha Joon said “ but if you keep on doing that it’s going to affect your grades”. She said “ Grades are not important to me, I will learn only what I love to learn not for the sake of grades”. “Oh! I really can’t argue with you anymore” Ha Joon exclaimed and went into his twelfth grade classroom. 

Bong cha entered her eleventh grade class room . As she entered, her friends asked her “Bong cha ya, why did you missed our maths class again?! The teacher asked you to meet her”. She took the back door of her class room to go out of her class to meet her maths teacher. The math teacher said “ Bong cha how dare you skip the maths class once again even after the warning I gave you last time. So today your punishment is to take ten laps in the ground”. She casually said “ Nae! ( ‘Nae‘ means a way of saying yes) teacher” and went to her classroom to attend her Korean class. Her Korean teacher was narrating a poem on that day and gave assignments to each one of the students in Bong cha’s class.  

Korean school ground Image: dramaland

After the Korean class, Bong Cha ran to the ground to take out her punishment of ten laps. Her friends accompanied her in the ground while she was taking the laps around the play ground of her school. They asked her “ Why you wanna run these many laps and waste your energy? Instead why can’t you attend our maths class”? Bong Cha said “Maths class deprives my energy more than taking these laps so leave that matter guys, I can deal with it” Her friends sighed!! 

Bong cha returned home after school. She took a fresh soak in hot water and changed into her day to day attire and immediately took out a note pad and a pen and started writing a poem for her next day Korean class . Her mother entered her room with Cha ( ‘Cha’ means Tea) and some Rice cakes and sat near her and asked “ Why you can’t show the same amount of interest in maths? If you keep on ignoring maths at this rate you will not be entering any prestigious University! And moreover you can’t do anything by studying Korean language”. She replied “Oh Aumma (Mom) do not worry, I can do best at what I love the most , I love Korean Literature  Aumma and am sure I can excel at it, there is no doubt in that”. Her mom said “Don’t be so confident until you do it! Better attend your maths class as well as other classes properly hereafter”. 

During her next day at school most of the students couldn’t bring a poem written by them. The teacher asked “Guys, who have all got a poem of their own?” Few students stood up and read their poems and finally Bong Cha got up and went in front of her class room and read her poem. The poem was about a Red flower. Everyone in the class along with her Literature teacher gave Bong Cha a big round of applause. Bong cha humbly stood up there and observed the magic spell of her poem on every one in her class. She looked quite happy.  

After the Literature class got over, the teacher went out. Students in her classroom whispered between themselves about Bong Cha’s talent in writing good poetry.  In the midst of all this, we can notice a pair of eyes watching Bong cha!! But Bong cha didn’t seem like, she noticed it. Her next class was maths she suddenly got up from her place and went out to the ground of her school campus. The guy who was watching Bong cha also followed her to the play ground. As Bong cha was  immersed in her thoughts, she missed to notice a guy following her. 

The guy got frustrated because no one in the school would ignore him, due to his looks and his skills. He hurdled the way in which Bong cha was taking a walk and he said “Can’t you see me?” She got startled for a second and replied “Yeah I can see you now, what you want?” He asked “wanna go out with me?” She expelled with a shuddered breathe and said “What? move out of my way, will you?” his face expression showed that he was a little hesitant to blurt out his next question, but with so much effort he asked, “I have never asked any girl out on my own to go out with me, why are you not responding properly”? She seemed irritated and said “ Yah (‘Yah‘ is a informal way of saying Hey ), move out of my way, I have told you once do not make myself repeat am not interested in any of these, so do not bother”. After saying that she started walking towards her class, her maths teacher called her to the principal room. There what she saw was quite a shocking for her! Her parents were there! The principal asked her parents “Why can’t  your daughter listen to us? Her parents apologized instead of her! When asking for an explanation she simply said that “I do not like maths I could only concentrate on Korean literature; maths exhausts me! The principal said without concerning her reply “if you skip the maths class once again you will be expelled right away there’s no doubt about it”. 

Bong cha got frustrated and confused! She felt ashamed that her parents have to go through all of this due to her behavior.  She entered her school library and sat in-between the book racks and thought to herself —“Even though if am embarrassing my parents, still I can’t go against my heart, what can I do? My mind naturally focuses only on Korean Literature if it’s something else it’s not! Especially this maths! Oh daebak!! ( ‘Daebak’ means terrible or crazy) It drives me nuts it just exhausts me”. Her self-thought continued— “Why they couldn’t understand me? If they let me be myself, I can really shine in any way in Korean literature. I can’t be like this mess anymore! I have to prove myself in front of this world for them to believe me! Until I do, I will attend all the classes even though if I dislike it to the core”. After this, a long trail of self rambling she barged out of the library and took her bicycle and went home. 

There she casually talked with everyone; her mom, dad and her brother they did not mention anything to her about what have happened in her school back then, still she apologized to her parents.  “Bong Cha ya” her brother called “come let’s play video games for some time” she said “No”. He said “Yeah, I know you are an old school, why you don’t like to play with any gadgets? At least come let’s watch TV”. She said  no again . He replied “I know you stubborn girl! you will be like this I thought you will be upset over what happened in school that’s Why I called you to play video games. Bong cha said “brother u know right I will spoil my mood even more, if I play video games, so please …”  

She went inside her room and started reading some Korean classics! After some one hour have been passed, she shook herself and rushed her hands into her writing table drawer and took out her notepad and a pen. She wrote in her notepad “I will write a novel before the end of my twelfth grade and publish it” she took a plunge on it and said “I will do very well in writing a good novel and with that I will enter a good university to study Korean literature and I will prove it to this damn world”! 

Samguk Yusa book Image : Yonsei University

Next day morning her brother again shouted out loud “Bong cha ya , get up it’s getting late” as he said that, he came upstairs and opened her room door but to his own surprise she was not there. He called her phone, her phone was in silent mode since she was inside her school library totally engrossed into reading something. If we go near her library table we get to know that she’s reading the book “Samguk Yusa”. The book Samguk Yusa is basically a book of “Memorabilia of three kingdoms of Korea” namely Goguryeo, Baekje & Silla. The book had informations on the three kingdoms, lives of Buddhist  saints, the origin of monasteries,  accounts of miracles performed by  Buddha and so on… Someone tapped on her shoulders from behind she got startled and turned back and it is the same guy who asked her out on a date. He said “Bong cha, whoa I couldn’t believe that you are this old fashioned,  Are you reading Samguk Yusa? OMO! Otoke (‘Otoke’ means what to do)!!”. She shouted “that’s none of your business, by the way who are you”? He replied in awe tone “Oh come on don’t lie that you don’t know the great Woo Hyun’s name who is popular over here”! The librarian called both of them and asked their way out. She angrily stared at him and took her notes and went out to the class room. Woo Hyun, followed her and said “I know very well that you are into Korean literature, but Samguk Yusa? Oh! Come on Bong cha!” she got irritated and said “don’t follow me and don’t you dare say this to anybody in our class”. “Oh! Bong cha you know am also from your class, following you!? Am on my way to the class as well”. Both of them went and sat in their places. He called her and said “I don’t know why am I attracted to a old- fashioned girl like you”? she didn’t care to listen … 

That day their class started and during the class two persons were very surprised to see Bong cha’s presence— one is her maths teacher and the other one is Woo Hyun who was after Bong cha. She didn’t pay much attention in the maths class but still she stayed just for the sake of being there. 

It became a habit of Bong cha to visit the library of her school and reading on ancient Korean literature. Woo Hyun and Bong cha became quite a conversationalists due to their arguments on various subjects. The argument most of the time came because the guy is a total  lunatic of everything modern on the other side Bong cha is totally anything for ancient but not modern! 

At Bong cha’s home, her parents were so happy about the fact that Bong cha attended her every classes including maths. Still her grades were not so good except for Korean literature. So her parents  forced her to get study help from her brother Ha joon. At evening time once the school got over Ha joon and Bong cha spent study time together, her brother had a better clarity of what Bong cha was going through so he let her study what she wanted to focus on and supported her a lot. So, Bong cha loved her brother Ha joon so much. 

Korean Shijo poetry book Image : LTI Korea library

Months rolled on… one fine early morning Bong cha was inside her school library and she was reading a book in the name of ‘Shijo Poems’. Woo hyun came there as usual and asked her “Even though I don’t know why you like old school stuffs so much! just tell me what you are reading by the way”? she replied “I can’t tell you”. “Then okay I will let all of our classmates know, that you were reading Samguk Yusa”! he said that and laughed. She said “okay! Fine I will just give you a outline of what am reading, Shijo is basically a three line poem written in Korean unlike the many other poems written in Chinese. He was listening to her without taking his eyes off her. She continued “Shijo poems are generally on love and nature”. He exclaimed “Love !”  Bong cha said “mmm..” Then he naughtily said “Then Bong cha ya, let’s fall in love while reading Shijo poems together”. She was taken aback and said “ kkeojyeo! ( ‘kkeojyeo’ means get lost) again you started”? He said “Ya…!(a way of addressing in Korean), now only am realizing why am I attracted to you? You and I are complete opposites! So opposite poles attract each other! Like how I am attracted to you, I bet soon you will also be attracted to me”. Bong cha said “am not that timeless I have got a lot of works to do, you better move on to do something better. 

After their final examination of eleventh grade Woo Hyun got good grades, Bong cha’s brother did too & Bong cha passed in border except for her favourite subject Korean literature.  

Ha joon, Bong cha’s brother got into a good university in Seoul. Bong cha was very happy for her brother. Woo hyun called Bong cha out of their twelfth grade class room. She denied to come. He gestured something, which implied something to Bong cha , so she angrily stood up from her place and followed Woo hyun out of their classroom . Bong cha, cornered Woo hyun  against a wall and said “ Ya! Woo hyun can’t you stop blackmailing me, about me reading Samguk yusa and you can’t get what you want from me out of blackmailing all the time. So don’t pester me anymore. If you want to tell our classmates about me being old school you can go ahead and tell them”. Woo hyun got stunned and said “Bong cha ya! you know very well that I will not be saying about you reading that book to our classmates! I just did it for fun but it seems like u have taken it too seriously! If so, then am sorry”, he said that and before moving he gave something gift wrapped to Bong cha and said “Congratulations for entering Twelfth grade”! 

After that, rest of that day Woo hyun didn’t even turn to Bong Cha’s side. Her face expressions were not so good after the incident, she murmured “did I have been quite harsh with Woo hyun today? Her another side said “Aaniya! Aaniya!( ‘Aaniya’ means no)— no one can blackmail people over something, so you did a good thing”, she said to herself. While going to home that evening Bong cha tried talking with Woo hyun but he ignored her and went ahead. 

Korean bean sprout soup, rice and Kimchi Image :Koreanbapsang.com

She went home; for dinner she had Bap (rice), Kimchi & Soybean sprout noodles soup. Her parents advised her “Bong cha ya, please be more alert on your studies so that you can also enter a good university like your brother did”. After the dinner she went inside her room and opened Woo hyun’s gift . To her surprise it’s  a folklore book of ‘Korean fables‘. She was smiling over by seeing the book! 

Next day she was at her library reading the book which Woo hyun gave her. She didn’t expect Woo hyun on that day due to their fight last evening but to her surprise he came to her table and said “Annyeong (‘Annyeong’ means Hi) Bong cha ya! It seems like that someone is reading What I gave”? She looked at him and said “Mianae! (Sorry) Woo hyun, I was being quite harsh on you yesterday” he replied “Whoa! Is those words coming from the Bong cha I know!? She said “Thank you for your gift I will Read it well”. “OMO!!(an act of surprise) I couldn’t believe what you said, Are you falling for me”? he teased her. She starred at him intensely and said “No am not am just so grateful for your concerned gift, nothing else”! He replied “Is that so”? and smiled.

Months rolled on…. Bong cha was sitting under a tree in a stone bench in her school campus.  She was looking through her note pad. Woo hyun came running towards her with a paper in his hand. He exclaimed “Oh! Finally I got it why you were reading these ancient Korean literature all these months! So you are going to become a novelist”? he exclaimed.  Bong cha asked “Ya how did you get my consent form”? Consent form is, in Korean schools the students fill it during their twelfth grade about their future occupation and get guidance from their mentor teacher. Woo hyun said “yeah obviously I can access your consent form because who am I? am your class leader, okay leave all that stuff and tell me about your novelist dream”.  “Yes am going to be a novel writer, I will write a classic novel a mixture of modern elements  infused classic novel”. Woo hyun pleaded “I have to be the first one to read your novel”. “I will directly publish it in my blog in a episodic sequence” she said. Woo hyun said “Hah finally you are in my track did you just said that you will be mixing modern elements in your classic novel? It’s because of my influence on you right”? She glared at him and replied “Aaniya!(No) Mongjungha (idiot), it’s just to spread the gem of our classic Korean literature by mixing modern elements into it”. Their conversation showed us that they got quite close to each other in the past few months. 

Bong cha was talking with her home room teacher regarding her future occupation consent form. Her teacher warned her saying “if you are not going to put your best in all the subjects but just by studying Korean literature don’t get your hopes high you will not even fall into a mediocre university, so concentrate on all the subjects”! 

Woo hyun was looking into his phone very curiously he saw a notification pop up from Bong cha’s blog. It read as “Love of a modern lunatic and a Korean Princess of Silla kingdom“. He laughed at the title and opened the first episode and read. Woo hyun started running suddenly as fast as he could in search of Bong cha; finally he found her in the same play ground area where he at first asked her out on a date! He came near Bong cha and asked something due to his heavy gasping Bong cha didn’t understand what he asked so she asked him “what did you say”? He repeated “Is your story based on our relationship? Han… tell me?” She gasped and said “What? Who said? read it properly Mongjungha”! (Idiot) Woo hyun gleamed at her reply.  

After a few weeks, Bong Cha’s novel episodes got so many fan followers. Bong cha was very happy so she wanted to share it with someone. So she called her brother from his university campus and asked him to take her out for a drink. They were so happy all night partying. 

Next day morning Bong cha got a call from Woo hyun. She answered her phone in a sleepy tone. He said “am going to work on an anime version of your novel episodes”, by hearing this she woke up completely and said “No! don’t do anything like that and disconnected the call”. But Woo hyun thought that the anime version will bring more popularity to Bong Cha’s novel. So he uploaded it after all  weeks of hard work. 

Bong Cha called Woo Hyun and asked him to meet her near the stone bench in her school. Woo Hyun came there running as he came there he said  “Don’t shout, don’t get angry! I know you do not like going digital but please this one time listen to me it will reach more people” She replied “if after seeing your anime version of my novel if people are gonna withdraw from my novel; thinking that it’s just one among  all the other anime’s, I will definitely kill you”. The reason behind Bong Cha’s worry is because in Korea Anime are not as welcomed as it does in Japan. So Bong cha’s fear is true of her authenticity of the story will go in awry is true to some extent.

After some days Woo Hyun came running  to Bong Cha and said “see, how the response is! The same dialogues of yours but with some cartoons and it’s becoming big! Now what do you say”? She said “yeah sometimes I can listen to you I think! she smiled and said “but my fear was true! That making my novel into a anime I had my doubts”! 

At the end of their twelfth grade Bong cha’s novel came to an end. She got a call from a pubishing company about publishing her episodes as a novel. As soon as she got to know this she shared it with her brother and her parents. Her parents couldn’t believe their ears. They said “My daughter you have achieved what you were after! We under valued your determination and love of studying Korean literature”. Her brother was so happy for her and cheered on her and said  “Nae dongsaeng ( my little sister) am so proud of you, keep rocking”! 

Then next day she came to her school and she was so excited to tell Woo Hyun about the publication of her novel. They met in the same play ground area, Woo hyun looked quite surprised because Bong Cha never called him on her own! He curiously asked “Tell me”? 

She said “I got a call to publish my  episodes as a novel”. Woo Hyun couldn’t believe his ears and in a happy mood he lifted Bong Cha off the ground and cheered! She laughingly said “yah Mongchunga (Idiot), what are you doing? let me down”! As he let her on the ground she held his hand  and said “Its all because of you Woo Hyun na! ( ‘na‘ is an endearment way of calling someone) If you haven’t cheered on me all these months with your great support and love I wouldn’t have come this far”! Woo Hyun seemed so touched and was almost tearing up he said “Aaniya Mongchungha ( it’s not idiot) it’s all because of your true love for Korean literature, I learnt from you if you love something so determinedly you will reach there no matter what”! 

Their twelfth grade came to an end, Woo Hyun passed in distinction and Bong Cha as always excelled in Korean literature except for other subjects! 

Seoul National University Image: https://en.snu.ac.kr/

Woo Hyun got into “Media Arts Department” of Seoul university. And Bong Cha, got into the same University in Korean Literature Department due to her popularity as a Writer not because of her grades. Bong Cha loved Woo Hyun as much as she loved her Korean literature!

Colorful Coffee Culture in Korea that nowhere else to be seen?

The COFFEE culture in Korea is so colorful today. It seems boundless now, but it all started with ” King Gojong allegedly became the first Korean to drink coffee in 1896 at the Russian legation in Seoul while evading the Japanese Army“. At first the coffee culture is only reserved for the elites then it started spreading slowly to the common people as well. Nowadays everyone in Korea can choose a coffee shop on their own depending upon their tastes!! YES, you heard that right because Korea is not only filled with so many coffee shops in numbers but with various themed ones at that, with so much of fun. Themed coffee shops gives the opportunity to people to spend their free time the way they want, for each one’s taste one can find a coffee shop accordingly. For instance if you are a animal lover you have a Animal themed coffee shops and at that one with different exotic animals. And then if you are a game lover you can hang out with your friends in board-game themed cafes, or Are you a couple? wanna spend some quality time you can lead your way to flower themed coffee shops and the list goes on…

Talking about coffee culture in Korea we cannot leave out instant coffee behind. Even though there are tons of coffee shops on the streets of Seoul, instant coffee comes in handy with all ingredients packed in a single sachet for the busy people in their office space as well as it dominates in the houses of Korea. Apart from that people started making their own coffee in coffee house style with the invention of coffee machines with coffee capsules – Thanks to Nespresso for introducing the coffee capsule machine in Korea.

Koreans not only enjoys a perfect blend, but they celebrate and appreciates coffee in another level through various Coffee festivals held every year. Coffee festivals is not only a place for pros in the coffee industry to attend to because even a coffee lover can enjoy a good cup of their favorite coffee by entering one of these festivals.

Coffee doesn’t end there, apart from all those buzz in the coffee culture there is more to add on with celebrity owned cafes. You have Exo’s Kai owned cafe Kamong Cafe , Kona Beans cafe owned by Super Junior member Leeteuk. And if you walk down the street in Sinsa-dong you can find your way to 89 mansion a cafe owned by actor Lee jong suk he started this place out of his passion for coffee. The celebrity owned coffee shops acts as a attraction for not only their local fans but to their international fans as well.

Even though coffee seems this colorful in Korea, there is a bitter truth behind the fact that Koreans never shy away from admitting themselves as Coffee addicts ~ the reason being Over stress caused due to extremely tight schedules, be it a student or a office worker. So to take a good deal of break from their stress; Korean students and the office goers make their way to a good coffee shop to face their remaining time of the day.

Korean people started consuming the coffee to experience the western style of life and eventually they owned it in their own way now it’s part of their life. Now we cannot talk about Korea without the Coffee scene happening in the streets and the houses of Seoul.



Can really one fight with a ghost? To confirm it watch the humorous yet alarming ‘Hey Ghost Let’s Fight’

Image: Soompi

This drama comes under the genre the horror Rom-com.  But if you ask me whether it is really terrifying to watch it? I will say to some extent it is alarming!! because of the camera angles but actually once you see the ghost coming in it, you will automatically get into a comfortable zone. 


The first ghost you will encounter is Kim Hyun-ji (Kim So-hyun) . Yeah, I can hear your voice guys, shouting out the question “What? The cute adorable Kim So-hyun as a ghost?”. But there is a relief for us, it’s that she is not shown us some terror striking ghost instead she is shown us a normal girl but a ghost. Isn’t that a real relief guys? So, Kim So-hyun comes around in this drama as a adorable ghost with tons of naughtiness. You will fall in love with this character because of its adorableness. 

Then we meet an equally interesting character Park Bong-pal (Ok Taec-yeon) he is a guy who have the super power to see ghosts with his bare eyes, which is an ability he has inherited from his mom. 

Isn’t it already interesting?  The story gets super interesting when he meets with the super cute ghost ( LOL) Kim Hyun-ji unintentionally when he gets a call from her to catch a ghost. Are you guys wondering! A call from a ghost to catch a ghost?? Read on..

Yes guys, he is a ghost catcher by his profession. He goes to a school because of a call from her to catch a ghost in that school campus and ends up meeting Kim Hyun-ji and she starts following him around for a reason. Find out the reason why she follows him around by watching the drama guys. 

Image Credits: A new kind of hobby blog post

Soon both Park Bong-pal and Kim Hyun-ji ends up under a single roof. Because she has no place to go to, so he takes her in his home out of empathy. What? out of empathy for a ghost?( LOL) . Then the story line gets hilarious when both of them goes into a number of ghost hunting assignments. He agrees Kim Hyun-ji to stay with him for a longer period of time because she makes it easy for him to finish the ghost hunting assignments he gets.  And all that she talks amuses him because the idea that ghosts can also eat, brush their teeth (LOL) and so on .. exactly like human beings he couldn’t digest those facts, and those scenes gives us a tons of laugh.

Isn’t it a different theme guys? You will not find any Cliched themes in this drama. Moreover, the story is super exciting because you will not find any expected scenes in the drama. The writer has written it so well making the story line with a lot of twists and turns. 

Soon we find a love blossoming between the two main leads. But it takes them so long to confess their feelings for each other because of the hesitation that she is a ghost, and what will be the future of their relationship. Even though Park Bong-pal comes forward discarding all the future thoughts aside, Kim Hyun-ji is shying away from him thinking she will be a big hindrance in his life. 

Image: Pinterest

Later, they both ends up together after finding out a big truth behind Kim Hyun-ji’s death. The story is intensifying when they search for the person behind her death. Because Kim Hyun-ji is so clueless about how she died? Where she died? What’s the reason behind her death. It’s so interesting when they eventually find out the reason behind it. I bet one cannot take any guesses about what’s the cause of her death. But the villain character is the scariest to watch in the drama rather than the ghosts!

They do all kinda funny stuffs together Image: Dramabeans

The romance between them is pure entertaining to watch. Their little gestures, when he buys her a dress, tooth brush and mug. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see how a ghost wears different dresses and brush her teeth etc.. It’s all so unusual themes, so one can definitely enjoy the story line because of it’s uniqueness. 

The Ost’s (Original Sound Track) of this drama is energetic. And the drama is sixteen episodes long.


A thrilled feeling but with a light heart because the drama is filled with tons of playful comic scenes. And one can get a satisfaction of watching a unique and thrilling story line.

This drama is filled with an apt amount of horror and romance and a lots of comic relief. So do not miss to watch this cuteness overloaded unique drama at Viki Rakuten

Kindly share your feelings after watching this drama guys.

Wanna know the surge behind the ‘Plastic Surgery’ IN Korea ? then watch My I’d Is Gangnam Beauty

Image credits: Pinterest

Plastic surgery is a thriving concept in Korea. The story line is all about how a normal person is mentally instilled with thoughts like that she is ugly, fat, not so cute if she is not matching the society’s defined terms of beauty. The writer talks about the popularity and normalcy of plastic surgery rate in Korea. We tend to think that Koreans are so obsessed with beauty so they go through plastic surgery as if it’s nothing, even though that’s true we get to know why there are so many of them going through plastic surgery by watching, ‘My I’d is Gangnam  Beauty.  But there is a shocking fact behind everyone’s obsession over pretty faces and slim figures, it’s simply because the society is so sick and it makes a perfectly normal person into an insanely beauty obsessed one. The reason behind that so many people are taking this risk is because the society is making a normal person think that they are not so beautiful if one doesn’t come under the society’s definition of being beautiful. 

So, in this drama the writer beautifully shows us the real status of plastic surgery in Korea through a character called Kang Mirae (Im Soo-hyang), who at first doesn’t have a single problem with her appearance and a confident girl before anyone starts mocking her by saying she is an ugly being. After the surgery she enters her university as if she is starting her new life. Everyone says she is so pretty like a doll, she could not help herself to believe in what others says, because these many days she is constantly criticized as an ugly being. The popularity which she receives is so unbelievable to her. So, she couldn’t handle this new pressure of others calling her pretty, and always shying away from the crowd as much as she could.

When Doo kyung-suk says to her face that she should have changed her mindset instead of her face. Credits: Pinterest

Soon the story is spiced up when Doo Kyung- Suk (Cha Eun- woo) enters, he is a very handsome looking guy and called a ‘Face Genius’ by everyone around him and moreover people around him asks him whether he is a celebrity? Soon there is a relationship develops between Doo Kyung- suk and Kang Mirae. At first, he suspects her whether she is the same girl from his middle school, she outright denies the fact then eventually he finds out that she is the same girl from before. The relationship between them starts so casual and after a point of time becomes a little sour when he asks her “ Why she have got the plastic surgery?”. She answers ” Because at least, I want to look like a normal looking girl in our class”. He replies ” Then you should have fixed your mentality first instead of your face”. Here, the writer reveals us the pain of people undergone plastic surgery, continue to face the judgments even after they change their appearance because of the societal pressures and how they are not understood by people around them about the fact that, what made them to go for the plastic surgery in the first place!

The romance between the two main leads is very naturally developed, when you watch the drama how they develop feelings for each other, you may deluded at times that it’s for real.  There are some ups and downs in their relationship but in a very subtle way and moreover there is so much less drama, so you guys can watch it in a relaxed way. 

At first, he acts as a saviour for her by confronting people who constantly bully her, by seeing those scenes, we may think it’s a Cinderella kinda story where a girl who is always saved by the Prince. But it’s not that, Doo Kyung suk acts as a reminder to her that everyone doesn’t judge her by her face beauty. Soon everyone comes to know about the fact that Kang Mirae’s pretty face is the result of  plastic surgery and everyone starts calling her ‘Plastic surgery Monster’ and ‘ GANGNAM BEAUTY’.  Gangnam beauty is a term people uses in Korea to call people who are pretty by undergoing plastic surgery . This wrecks havoc her life again she goes through a period of depression but after a while she takes her own stance for her, realizing the fact the society judges no matter what!

Doo Kyung Suk’s true love makes her realize the fact that she doesn’t need the approval of others for being who she really is and then after a lots of struggles with her own self she starts leading a normal life .  He accepts her for who she is and his love makes her realize that face beauty is nothing only the heart matters. The guy acts as a proof to make her realize that a love can happen between two people regardless of face beauty by only seeing the inner beauty of a person’s heart and moreover people will accept her for who really she is.  

Hyun Soo aha (Image credits: Marry Me K POP)

Then there happens a beautiful connection between them, here comes the intervening factor in the drama by the name of Hyun Soo-aha ( Joo Woo-ri ) she is called the prettiest girl in her whole department, she always gets praises from all the guys and girls from her class and her seniors. Hyun Soo-aha acts as a hindrance between Doo Kyung-suk and Kang Mirae. 

On the other hand, through Hyun Soo-aha’s character the writer tells us how even the prettiest people are constantly making their lives the hardest one, by trying to be the ‘Center of attraction’ of all the time to get other’s attention. At first you may find Hyun Soo- aha as an extremely irritating character but later she is seen as a pathetic being who ends up losing up her true self because of her obsession to be the prettiest girl among all the others. 

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The drama wraps by beautifully by the note that society will talk whatever they want and we don’t need to obey all the set standards ruled out by the society. And sometimes we are the ones who make things hard for ourselves, because at every time the people around us don’t even bother about how we look as they are so damn busy with their own lives.

Talking about the Ost’s (Original Sound Track) in the drama , I don’t like all the ost’s in the drama except one Track ” Love Diamond”. And the drama is SIXTEEN episodes long.


This drama showed me a different truth behind the plastic surgery surge in Korea. And also, it made me realize ‘ Our lives, our decisions, we don’t have to really give into to all the nonsensical rules ‘THE SOCIETY HAVE LAID FOR US’.

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Wanna feast your eyes on university romance?Then look no further, you have Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok- Jo


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This drama is all about how youngsters facing so many hurdles when they choose a career path or when they try to commit into a relationship. Essentially, it’s a coming of age drama.  

The story line starts in a sports school, where we meet our heroine Kim Bok-joo (Lee Sung- Kyung) she is a weight lifter and she acts as a outgoing personality with no inhibitions when it comes to stand on her own path and to act as her own self. Then we meet up Jung Joon-hyung  (Nam Joohyuk) he is from the swimming department with very lively and playful character. 

when both of them fight after knowing they were childhood buddies Image: Pinterest

Both of them meet and after sometime they get to realize actually they are childhood friends. That’s where the story starts Jung Joon- Hyung starts teasing  Kim Bok-Joo , calling her by nick names like “ Chubby”..  she gives him back nicely with her fists instead of shying away. So, after some time there forms a beautiful relationship between them filled with fun and laughter. 

Kim bok jo is caught between her childhood friend and the doctor she loves. Image: Dramabeans

As the story goes Kim Bok-joo falls in love with a obesity doctor Jung Jae-yi pretending in front of him that she is from a musical major not from a weight lifting department. The story line gets spiced up when Kim Bok-joo finds out that the doctor is a brother of her childhood friend Jung Joon-hyung, he also finds about all her pretence and disguise before his brother. Then he starts teasing her even more, asking whether she have feelings for his brother. It is so hilarious to watch how Kim Bok-joo reacts to Jung Joon-hyung’s blackmails and teasing’s. 

The writer shows us how youngsters struggle before finding their true love while they are still pursuing their career. Kim Bok-joo soon realizes that she cannot love the doctor and goes into a dull mood. At that time Jung Joon- hyung lifts her mood by playing with her and spending time with her. Soon he admits that he have feelings for her. She do not accept his feelings immediately but on the go she does. And there are lots of jealousy filled scenes between Kim Bok-joo and Jung Joon-hyun because of his Ex- lover being and coming around them. Those scenes are so full of laughter and fun to watch. 

His support to her while she goes through the career slump. Image: Dramabeans

Through this drama we can witness how youngsters stagger in their career after going a long way. Kim Bok-joo is a very successful weightlifter in her department but after a point of time she feels her career slump, she doesn’t want to continue in her chosen field anymore, she breaks down completely. That’s when Jung Joon-hyung comes for the rescue. He lends his shoulder to her and let her pour her heart out and understand her and help her to come out of her slump. Those scenes are beautifully shown because Jung Joon- hung acts as that one person  who would understand you, when you are in an unexplainable situation and when the world around you is pointing fingers at you for your confused  decisions . 

Their chemistry is simply awesome. Image: Pinterest

The romance between both the main leads are so full of momentum and fun. You may feel that there is really something going on between them because they share a  great chemistry. And to add on to their screen romance , here is a info both the main leads have dated in real life also;) Maybe that could be one of the reasons behind their great onscreen chemistry. 

Apart from that we have some clichéd scenes like the hero suffers because of his past. But the writer doesn’t drag that part much it’s just shown to an extent. 

Talking about the OST ( Original Sound Tracks) is just full of energy just like the drama’s story line. 

The drama is sixteen episodes long.


A happy heart with no negative thoughts filled with hope. One may get the fact that it’s absolutely okay to get a slump in their chosen career path after they have come a long way.

So folks go and watch this drama it will give you a feeling, that you are actually being  inside a university campus witnessing how youngsters are struggling to choose their career and their relationship. Do not miss out watching this fun filled show on NETFLIX

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An exhilarating romance between a student and a mentor! Watch Medical Rom-Com ‘The Doctors’ to know more…


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It’s a medical drama it’s so obvious from the title itself isn’t it guys? However, the story line is somewhat unique because a teacher falls in love with his student. Does it sound controversial? But the writer did justice to the story line by developing the story very organically without any rush. 

The story line starts when we meet up with Yoo Hye-jung (Park Shin-hye ) in her school days who is a girl with a gangster attitude. She develops that attitude due to her rough childhood days. She unintentionally involves herself in offending activities. Then she is being noticed by her biology teacher played by Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won). He acts as a mentor to her and change her personality completely, she gets all the care and guidance through him which she yearned to get from her parents. He shows extra care to all of his students because he missed the right guidance during his growing up years. He was working as a neurosurgeon before coming to work as a biology teacher in a school. He changes his profession for a while to change his mind because of his unintended medical mistake he has done when he was a neurosurgeon. 

Yoo Hye jung and Hong Ji hong when they were in a student and teacher relationship Image: k drama crave

At the end of her school days due to some circumstances both Yoo Hye-jung and her teacher Hong Ji-hong goes in separate ways. We feel some kind of uneasiness when they part ways. Because from the beginning their relationship is shown beautifully as a bond between a good mentor; and a struggling student.When Yoo Hye-jung goes separate ways from Hong Ji-hong he feels a strong pain and realizes his feelings for her. 

After thirteen years when they meet as neurosurgeons Image: Pinterest

The story gets super exciting when both of them meet after thirteen years later, Yoo Hye-jung as a neurosurgeon and he comes as a head of the neurosurgery department. He finds it amusing to meet her as a neurosurgeon. During the first meeting itself the writer reveals that he still has got the same feelings for her as back then, it is evident when he asks her his first question “Are you married? Or Do you have a boyfriend?”. She answers him no and get confused with his strange questions. 

Later he confesses his feelings for her, she did not answer him. Then the story line gets funny until she accepts his feelings for her. The scenes between them are so exciting to watch because of the age difference between them, the dialogues are so witty and ironic. One may think a relationship between a teacher and a student? But one will be totally convinced after watching the drama that love have no rules and it can happen with anyone. 

The central theme of the drama is longingness for true love. Both the main leads are affected with lack of love and care during their childhood days. So those pent-up feelings are changed into a true form of love between them. After a point of time Yoo Hye-jong accepts his feelings for her.  

Jin Seo-woo (Lee Sung-kyung) is a girl from Yoo Hye-jung’s school she used to be her close friend in years gone by, later she turns as an worst enemy to Yoo Hye-jung because she thinks Yoo Hye-jung as a hurdle between herself and the teacher Hong Ji-hong, because she is attracted towards her teacher. Back to the current day, Jin Seo-woo is basically from a wealthy family and happens to work in her father’s own hospital hospital which is same as where Yoo Hye-Jung works. There she shows all the hatred which she couldn’t show enough towards Yoo Hye-jung during their school days.  

And we meet up another character Jung Yoon-do (Yoon Kyun-sang) in the hospital who is also a neurosurgeon in the same hospital and he acts as strict doctor. The scenes between Yoo Hye-jung and him are very hilarious to watch because they keep on fighting due to their difference of opinions as a head doctor and a junior doctor. But soon he falls for Yoo Hye –jung’s strong personality, and confesses his feelings for her.

This causes ruckus because Jin Seo-woo had developed feelings for Jung Yoon-do after she forgets her past feelings for her teacher. So, she causes all kind of problems using her power between Yoo Hye-jung and her teacher not liking the budding romantic feelings between them. Even though she keeps on showing her hard feelings towards Yoo Hye-jung, we can sense at some point that Seo-woo couldn’t hate Hye-jung completely because of those happy days spent together.

To talk on the romance part in this drama. It’s just perfect. Even though both the main leads have lots of age difference between them in reality as well as in the drama, you will not feel any awkward moments between them. And the chemistry between them is so fantastic and real. The romantic feelings they show towards each other is directed in an innate way. And the romantic scenes are very casual in nature and one can feel the warmth when seeing it. And you can also enjoy the occurring differences when a younger girl dates an elder guy. And it’s so funny to watch those scenes where they converse about their age difference and it’s effect.

Even though there are some recurring themes in this drama, like love triangle and sufferings from the past, these themes are very well connected with the main theme of finding the true love in one’s life so one can watch it without having any second thoughts. 

The casting is simply awesome. Each one has done justice to the given role. Talking of the Ost’s (Original Sound Track) most of the songs are melodious and go very well as a B.G.M to the story line. There are TWENTY episodes in this drama.


One may feel the warmth, when true emotions are shared between two true loving hearts. And may realize the fact that love can happen with anyone. 

So, guys, go and watch this Rom com medical drama at Viki Rakuten

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